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About our logo
Our logo is based on an ancient symbol called “the seed of life” or “the seed of the universe”.  It shows a spiral of potential energy within a sphere symbolising the Universe.  Our logo reminds us that creativity and life flows from the dynamic balance created by the constant ebb and flow of opposing energies and that our lives and work should reflect this fundamental principle.  It also represents the creative energy of our organisation and our commitment to designing strategies and governance systems that are holistic, balanced, and consistent with the greater natural systems within which we exist.

Ingrid Coetzee

Managing Director

South African

Academic Qualifications
BA, BA Honours (Art History) (RAU), MA cum laude (Thesis: An art historical analysis of the relationship between form & function in the urban development of Roodepoort) (RAU)



Professional Qualifications
Member of the South African Environmental Law Association
Member of the International Association of Impact Assessors (IAIA), South Africa

Expertise and experience
Ingrid has extensive environmental governance experience, spanning professional to executive management capacity, in all three spheres of government.  Her expertise, skills and competencies cover urban conservation, cultural resources management, all fields of environmental management, public participation processes, environmental policy development and formulation, law reform and regulation, protected areas and biodiversity conservation.  Her experience includes exposure to international environmental conventions, agreements and bilateral development co-operation in the field of world heritage, state of environment reporting, climate change, sustainable development and environmental management.  She has contributed to the review of integrated development plans (IDP) and the generation and implementation of strategic policy documents such as the North West Provincial Growth and Development Strategy, and the Western Cape Environmental Implementation Plan. 

She is the author of the national White Paper on Environmental Management Policy for South Africa and managed and co-ordinated the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism’s (DEAT) law reform programme between 1998 and 2000.  In this capacity she was responsible for getting the National Environmental Management Act (1998) and the World Heritage Convention Act (1999) promulgated, and for conceptualising the subsequent law reform that has culminated in the suite of environmental Acts under NEMA.  More recently she served on the Reference Group involved in developing Alien and Invasive Regulations under the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act. 

Ingrid’s international exposure includes the ratification and implementation of the world Heritage Convention, and serving as the National Programme Manager for the marine resources (fisheries) and environmental co-operation agreement between the governments of Norway and South Africa, and the Programme Manager for the development co-operation agreement on Support for Environment and North West Province.

Her depth of understanding of the public sector, and of the environmental impact assessment system in particular, plays an important role in enhancing our service to clients.  Her expertise in project management and in developing and administering environmental governance systems (including policy formulation, legal reform institutional restructuring, and compliance and enforcement aspects) adds a further dimension to the strong skills base that already exists in the firm. 

Selected Publications
"Incentives for Culture Conservation - A statement of needs", paper read at the South African Conference on the Conservation of Culture: Changing Context and Challenges, Cape Town, 6-10 June 1988 and published in the Conference Proceedings

Co-editor, "Proceedings of the South African Conference on the Conservation of Culture: Changing Context and Challenges", Cape Town, 6-10 June 1988

"White Paper on National Environmental Management Policy for South Africa", May 1998, Government Gazette of the Republic of South Africa

 “Coastal Dunes and the State of Archaeological Information”, published in Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol 34/3-4, May 1996 (pp 361-365).

“Cultural Resource Management and the Environment Conservation Act, 1989” in Monuments and Sites:  South Africa, IWMOS, 1996.