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Our logo is based on an ancient symbol called “the seed of life” or “the seed of the universe”.  It shows a spiral of potential energy within a sphere symbolising the Universe.  Our logo reminds us that creativity and life flows from the dynamic balance created by the constant ebb and flow of opposing energies and that our lives and work should reflect this fundamental principle.  It also represents the creative energy of our organisation and our commitment to designing strategies and governance systems that are holistic, balanced, and consistent with the greater natural systems within which we exist.

Teresa Nogueira Amador

Portuguese environmental lawyer and CEO of Ecosphere


Academic Qualifications
Degree in Law (University of Lisbon) LLM (Environmental Law) (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)


Professional Qualifications
Qualified Lawyer (Portugal).

Professional associations

IUCN Environmental Law Commission
European Lawyers Association
Portuguese Lawyers Bar

Country Experience
Angola, Argentina, Cape Verde, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, India, Jordan, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Tanzania, United Kingdom.

Expertise and experience
Teresa has been practising since 1998 as an environmental lawyer working as legal advisor to governments and international organisations.

Teresa frequently represents the Portuguese government in international fora and her skills include international negotiation, drafting of national legislation and international agreements; writing legal opinions and reports; undertaking comparative analyses of different legal regimes; assessing and reviewing environmental legislation in different environmental sectors; conformity checking of the degree of compliance of national legislation with international legal obligations and training.

She has experience in many specific fields including negotiations as legal expert within the following international agreements: Aarhus Convention; Stockholm Convention (POPs); Rotterdam Convention (PIC); Kyoto Protocol and Biosafety Protocol; Environmental liability directive. She also has expertise in laws relating to: air pollution control; dangerous substances; nature conservation; environmental impact assessment; fisheries; noise; water and waste.

She has been involved in drafting the Environmental Framework Law of Jordan and the Fisheries Law of Angola and Guinea-Bissau including bylaws on Monitoring, Control and Surveillance in Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. She has led a team of legal experts responsible for reviewing and drafting amendments to the fisheries laws of Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania and coordinated the checking of the extent to which the EC environmental directives have been properly incorporated into Portuguese legislation.

Selected publications
“International and Regional Fisheries Agreements in the SADC Region-Legal Assessment and Review” Working Paper 49, SADC-MCS Programme, 2006.

“Enforcement Procedures, Offences and Sanctions in the SADC Region- Legal Assessment and Review” Working Paper 48, SADC-MCS Programme, 2006.

“Study on measures other than criminal ones in case where environmental EC law has not been respected in the EU Member States – the case of Portugal”, DG Environment, European Commission B4-3040A/2003/369724/MAR/A.3, 2004.

“Access to information and justice in environmental matters”, National Assembly of Cape Verde, UNDP, 2004.

“The Kyoto Protocol compliance system”, Ministry of Environment, Portugal, 2003