• Recipient of the Mail and Guardian Greening the Future award.
    • Cormac Cullinan included in Planet Savers:  301 Extraordinary Environmentalist.
    • Participation in inaugural Earth Jurisprudence course at Schumacher College, United Kingdom.
    • Participation in Wild Law Workshop in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, co-hosted by the Gaia Foundation, Environmental Law Foundation and the UK Environmental Law Association.
    • Participation in Earth Jurisprudence course at the Barry Law School in Orlando Florida sponsored by Barry Law Review and the centre for Earth Jurisprudence.
    • Development of Sector Guideline documents relating to the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations.
    • Drafting Western Cape Biodiversity Conservation Bill and Regulations.
    • Drafted Land Use Management Bill and Regulations for the North West Province.
    • Integrated Coastal Management Bill drafted by EnAct undergoing parliamentary processes.
    • Advised Conservation International on the legal and institutional aspects of post-mining development on the Living Edge of Africa Project.


    • Participation in the UK Environmental Law Association Wild Law Weekend Workshop at the Lea Green Centre in Derbyshire , United Kingdom co-hosted by the UK Environmental Law Association, the Gaia Foundation and the Environmental Law Foundation.
    • Participation in the Rights of Nature Speaking Tour to eleven law schools and universities in the United States.
    • Prepared report defining the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative approach to co-operative governance and rationalisation of functions on the Agulhas plain.
    • Prepared study for the Department of Environmental and Tourism on the rationalisation of nature conservation in the Western Cape.
    • Part of a consortium for the feasibility, design and implementation of a regional climate change programme in Southern Africa.
    • Responsible for the infrastructure, legislative and regulatory assessment for the development of National Implementation Plans of the Stocholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in South Africa.


    • Participation in 2nd international conference on Wild Law hosted by the UK Environmental Law Foundation and the Environmental Law Foundation at the University of Brighton (UK).
    • Signature by Angola, Namibia and South Africa of Interim Agreement for the Establishment of the Benguela Current Commission (EnAct advised on institutional structures and options, prepared drafts and supported the negotiation process). (see www.bclme.org)
    • Undertook a review of biosafety laws and policy in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Zambia, under contract to the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


    • Conducted an extensive study of the public participation process in environmental decision-making of the SADC countries, in terms of a consultancy to the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment. See Public Participation Rights at: www.saiea.com
    • Adoption of new national fisheries legislation in Angola (EnAct participated in drafting team)
    • Contributed legal section to the Wild Coast Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.
      Wild Coast Project
      Legal Situation Assesment


    • Completed compendium and analysis of marine fisheries legislation in SADC countries for EU –funded project on monitoring, control and surveillance.
    • Contributed legal section to the Integrated Coastal Management Programme for the Western Cape


    • Developed a training programme for environmental decision-making by government officials and presented it to provincial and municipal decision-makers, across five provinces in South Africa.
    • Signature by Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia of Convention for the Sustainable Use of Lake Tanganyika, one of the most comprehensive and advanced treaties dealing with the sustainable use of a water basin in the world. (EnAct drafted the Convention and supported the negotiation process)
      (see www.ltbp.org and www.gefonline.org)


    • 3 October, SADC states sign Forest Protocol to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Treaty (drafted by EnAct).
      (see www.sadc.int)
    • Preparation of draft ballast water policy for South Africa
    • EnAct convenes 1st international colloquium on Earth Governance, Ithala game reserve South Africa.
    • Publication of Wild Law in South Africa


    • Adoption of the CAPE strategy and action plan to protect the Cape Floral Kingdom (EnAct undertook legal analysis and prepared recommendations for legal reform)
    • April, participation in first international meeting to discuss Earth Jurisprudence, Airlie Centre, Virginia, USA



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