EnAct International is an environmental law and policy consultancy that specialises in developing and strengthening governance systems that promote ecologically sustainable societies.  We offer strategic advice and guidance on how to respond to the major environmental issues of today (such as climate change), develop policy, design and draft laws, advise on institutional architecture and reform, train and build capacity. EnAct was founded in London in 1994 and is now based in Cape Town, South Africa with offices in both Cape Town and Durban.

EnAct has a diverse client base which include clients in the public sector (e.g. governments, environmental protection agencies and international organisations),  the non-governmental organisation sector and the private sector.

Our environmental lawyers and governance experts have worked in more than 20 countries and together we have established a reputation as a

progressive and cutting-edge firm that delivers innovative, quality products.

Together with our sister law firm Cullinan & Associates Inc, which practices exclusively in the field of environmental and heritage law,  we are committed to developing better ways for humans to govern themselves so that we all can enjoy a viable future within healthy ecosystems.
(See www.cullinans.co.za)


Our staff are all members of our Project 90X2030 club (which is called Abahlobo Behlabathi, meaning Friends of the Earth) which aims to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2030.

In 2008, EnAct received a Mail & Guardian “Greening the Future” Award for innovation in improving business pratices.  A special commendation from the judges praised EnAct for its pioneering leadership and the important battles it has won in changing mindsets both locally and globally.
About our logo

Our logo is based on an ancient symbol called “the seed of life” or “the seed of the universe”.  It shows a spiral of potential energy within a sphere symbolising the Universe.  Our logo reminds us that creativity and life flows from the dynamic balance created by the constant ebb and flow of opposing energies and that our lives and work should reflect this fundamental principle.  It also represents the creative energy of our organisation and our commitment to designing strategies and governance systems that are holistic, balanced, and consistent with the greater natural systems within which we exist.