Cormac Cullinan
BA, BA (Hons), LLB (Natal), LLM (Environmental Law) (London)
Cormac was admitted as an attorney in 1989 and since founding EnAct in London in 1993, has worked exclusively in the fields of environmental law and governance. Cormac has drafted laws, policies and strategies and advised on legal and institutional reforms concerning environment issues in 20 countries. He has drafted several international law agreements (treaties) as well as national, provincial and municipal legislation. Cormac has a reputation for developing innovative solutions and is regularly invited to speak on environmental issues in the USA and UK as well as in South Africa.
Internationally he is best known for pioneering the emerging field of Earth jurisprudence through his book Wild Law.  This led to his inclusion in the 2008 book “Planet Savers:  301 Extraordinary Environmentalists” which profiles environmental champions throughout history.

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